Why Brichera…

The word “brichera” was first coined in Cusco, Peru, from “Spanglish” slang to refer to people who are “bridge tenders” between different cultures.

Local people in Cusco would connect and attract international tourists and introduce them to the Cusco ways. While this word has been stereotypically used, as a result of “questionable” tourist-local relationships, for the purpose of this blog I wish you, reader, focus on the original and positive connotation of the word, as a bridge tender between two different worlds!

About this blog…

I have confirmed and lived my passion for sustainability academically: studies in Environmental Science, an MSc in Environment and Development, and now embarked on a new adventure with the MSt in Sustainability Leadership. One of our programme tasks is to share our experience and challenges, which is the reason for this blog!

More than an environmentalist, I describe myself as a “brichera” for sustainability, in the literal sense of the word. My mission has been to tend bridges between different worlds.

On one hand, the world of sustainability, beyond socio-environmental responsibility, a world of interconnection with our environment, awareness of climate change and planetary boundaries… which one would think is evident to everyone, but it is not.

The challenge is that there are other “worlds” somewhat or even completely disconnected from this world. There’s a rigid corporate world, of core business and profitability, results and financial indicators, of GDP, numbers, and strategies. A world that needs a bridge to sustainability.

I have had to learn the business language, to talk with indicators and numbers and focus on results and reports. I have had to strategically build up the sustainability narrative, so business people listen, and colleagues with different backgrounds (accounting, marketing, logistics, etc. ) do not discard my “green hippie ideas” and actually connect with a sustainability vision.

I am enjoying the challenge and feel optimistic that change is happening!

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